Our New Site + A Money Back Guarantee!

100% Money Back Satisfaction GuaranteeThanks so much for visiting our new Michigan photo booth rental website. We’ve been working on it little by little, so it’s good to finally launch!

We’re also excited to showcase our brand new 5-Point money back guarantee. We promise your complete satisfaction with our photo booth service.

The truth is that although it was unwritten at first we’ve always had a money back guarantee.  Our clients are our highest priority. We couldn’t exist and have all of the success that we do if it wasn’t for you.

Interested in how we created the Guarantee?

Putting the guarantee down on paper took some brainstorming to find out what was most important to our clients. We surveyed our clients on why they choose us over other photo booth services, and do-it-yourself options and it came down to a few key elements and the service behind them that make our company unique.

The feedback we received said things like, “We can tell you actually care about the little details. You are invested in the success of our event and that makes such a big difference.”

The problem at first was that other than referrals it’s difficult to put a testimonial like that into a marketing message. So, we decided to bottle all of that feedback up and out popped our 5-Point 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

If ever anything goes wrong at your event please bring it to our attention and we’ll do whatever we can to fix the problem or issue. If it’s something that can’t be fixed or made right because the event is over, we will give your money back. We don’t want to be paid for our services if you aren’t happy. That’s how we operate, because that’s how we’d hope that other vendors we work with will treat us.

When you rent a photo booth with us you’ll always receive:

    1. P – Photo Booth. Book with us and you’ll receive our professional photo booth that you can’t get from any other company.
    2. L – Logo. Work with our in house design time to personalize a logo that will appear on each photo booth strip or photo taken in your booth.
    3. U – Unlimited use of the photo booth.
    4. D – Digital copies of every photo taken during your event on a flash drive the same day!
    5. G – A money back guarantee that you will be completely happy with our photo booth service. Let us know if there’s an issue. If we can’t make it right we’ll give your money back.

We swapped numbers 4 & 5 so we can call it our 5-Point PLUG’D guarantee.  None of us could pronounce PLUDG, although maybe we could make it a 6 point guarantee and change up the letters so it spells P.L.E.D.G.E.?

If we change it up what should the E’s stand for? Shoot us a message on the contact form and let us know!