Graduation Party Photo Booth

Don’t let yours be just another graduation party. All of your friends are having one, so trying to plan your party and make sure it is unique and memorable can be stressful. You’re already worried about how much food you should you order, what day and time is best, how many people will show up and how long will they stay. All of these things can cause any family to lose their minds!

Graduating senior with cap and gownWhat happens if none of the graduates stay for the party? Do you want friends and family bummed they made the trip for another lame party of everyone sitting around with nothing to do? Bring some excitement to the big day by renting a photo booth!

An open air or curtain style photo booth is a great gift to show your son or daughter how proud you are.  As the graduate, you can share the fun experience with both your family and your friends. Plus, you’ll all get printed images to take home and look back at years later to reminisce on the good ol’ days.

Why Rent A Photo Booth For Your Graduation Party?

It won’t be long till your child leaves your home for good.  How do you create a memory that can be shared with all your friends and family? Having a photo booth can accomplish everything you and the graduate want from the event.

  • Unlimited Use: You know how many pictures are on a graduate’s phone. Nothing makes them happier than pictures of themselves and their friends.  These “selfies” are great – blow them away with a photo booth that prints selfies in seconds!
  • Prints For Each Guest: Worried about your graduate’s friends not getting a photo strip? With us, you never have to worry if you add this feature. We can instantly provide a print for every guest in the photo, whether it’s two people or twelve in the picture!
  • Customized Graduation Logo: You want people to remember THIS party and what they are celebrating. With our custom designed graduation logos, we can add your child’s name, graduating school, date, school logo, college information or any other combination of ideas you have!
  • Digital Copy of All Prints: Want to share with friends and family who couldn’t make it to join the memories you created? We provide you with a flash drive as soon as your event ends, allowing you to post and email any of the pictures!
  • Props: The photo booth experience is best with fun props. Our assortment of hats, glasses, signs, and props on a stick are sure to have teenagers and adults alike smiling and laughing in the photobooth.
  • Photo Booth Attendant: Our photo booth attendant will be there from start to finish to make sure everything is perfect with your booth rental.  The attendant will print extra photo strips, ensure props stay neatly presented, created a memory scrapbook, and help in any other way they can to make the graduation party a success!
  • 5-Point Satisfaction Guarantee: Have no worries with our money back guarantee. If your photo booth rental isn’t to your satisfaction, call us and we’ll make it right or give you your money back.

Don’t let your child have a lame grad party that no one attends or remembers.  Rent a photo booth that will create memories you will cherish!  Call us today at (313) 486-5277 or fill out the check availability form and we’ll get back to you right away!