Photo Backdrops

Are you bored with the same old background in photo booth photos? Here’s the perfect feature to spice up your photos.

In every photo booth styles (with the exception of our sit-down booth) behind the guests in the photo is a fabric backdrop. While most events will use our standard white, grey or or black curtain, we have numerous stock colors and designs that may fit your event or event theme better than the basic options.

Below you’ll find examples of the backdrops we offer including basic, stock upgrades and custom printed options. If none of these exactly fit what you’re looking for, check out our Green Screen option where your guests can swap in different digitally inserted backdrops throughout the course of your event.

Have questions about the options? Interested in what’s available on the date of your event? Call us today at (313) 486-5277, or fill out the form on this page and we’ll get back to you soon after checking what’s available.

Backdrop Options

Standard Backdrops

  • Open-Air Backdrop. The standard backdrops in our open-air style booth is solid white. It generally takes on a light gray appearance in the photos.
  • Curtain Style Backdrop. In our curtain style booth the standard options are either black or medium gray.
  • Sit-Down Backdrop. In our sit down booth, the standard background is black, but every sit down booth rental includes the option for a custom printed backdrop.

Stock Backdrop Upgrades

  • Gold Sequin or Silver Sequin
  • Black Geometric
  • Grey Geometric
  • Woodgrain
  • Black Paisley
  • Mint & White Chevron
  • Gatsby (Black & Gold Geometric Glitter Pattern)
  • Solid Beige

Custom Printed Backdrops

Printed backdrops are available for our open-air style booth. They not only add event themed branding to your images, they also make a visual impact at your event. Multiple sizes are available including standard 8×8 Feet for landscape photos, and 8×5 feet for vertical images.

  • HD Quality Fabric Pop-up. This is our highest quality custom printed backdrop option. It prints wrinkle free and is the same option used regularly for Hollywood Red Carpets, TV News broadcasts and corporate trade shows. Consider creating a re-usable branded image or pattern. We will clean and store this background for you to use at future events for no additional cost.
  • Standard Fabric Pop-up. Our standard fabric backdrop is a bit more cost friendly, but it is less wrinkle resistant, and the print quality is more like standard definition instead of HD. We recommend this for one-off events, or when you want a custom print with the photo quality of fabric without the full HD cost.
  • Low Glare Vinyl. Vinyl is the most cost effective custom printed option, but there will still be some glare in the photos because the vinyl reflects light instead of absorbing it.

If you’re unsure of which backdrop option is best for your event. Give us a call at (313) 486-5277 and we can work together to find the perfect solution.