Photo Booth Scrapbook

People-signing-photo-booth-scrapbook-guestbookA photo booth scrapbook is one of the best additions you can make to your event.

Many people call it a Photo Guestbook, Photobook or a Memory Book.  Regardless of what name you call it by, it’s a great keepsake that you’ll look back and laugh at for years after your event.

We offer you the option to choose what color 12×12” fabric-bound scrap book you’d like and we provide the markers, glue and a full time attendant to help your guests put the book together on site.

Our goal is to put every photo from your event in the book, but sometimes guests are shy and request that one of their shots not be included. When that happens we tuck that image in the back flap of the book so you’ll still have it to look at.
The finished scrapbook will be completed by the end of your event and you’ll get to take it home with you and start enjoying it immediately.

Here are things our clients say they enjoy about a Photo Booth Scrapbook:

  • Printed Copies. Although we provide you with all of your digital copies, printed copies of each photo let you experience the same joy your guests had when their photos printed out
  • Personal Messages. Guests have the opportunity to add a hand written message under each photo that you can revisit and enjoy for years to come
  • Capturing Moments. If there’s alcohol at your party, the handwriting has been known to get a little shaky as the event goes on, but the messages along with the photos are simply hilarious!
  • Coffee Table Fun. Our business clients have been known to leave an employee event photo book on their coffee table so clients loosen up after seeing how much fun their team has together.
  • Lasting Memories. Our dye-sub printed photos are rated to last at least 40 years in direct sunlight, so your photos and messages in your scrapbook will give you years of laughs.
  • We Supply Everything. We provide the markers, glue & fabric-bound scrapbook. If you let us know you need one, we’ll even provide a linen covered table to create the scrapbook on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scrapbooks For Photo Booths:

Photo booth scrapbookQ: “Do I get to choose my memory book color?”

A: YES! We have over 15 scrapbook colors to choose from and the option for you to upgrade to a leather scrapbook, if desired.

Q: “Do I have to provide materials for the scrapbook?”

A: NO! We print an extra photo strip, provide the glue and pages, and bring a variety of markers to match your event colors.

Q: Can I customize the scrapbook to make it unique?

A: OF COURSE! We can:

  • Put 1-5 prints on a page
  • Have your guests write a personal message next to each photo
  • Use white or black pages
  • Add stickers that match your theme

Rest assured that your pages will be protected in our clear, protective sleeves.  Plus, we provide extra pages if your guests fill up the first set in the scrapbook!

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about a scrapbook for your wedding, party or corporate event. Give us a call at (313) 486-5277 or fill out the form at the top right and we’ll get back to you right away to help you put together the perfect photo booth package.