Photo Strip Frames and Sleeves

Are you looking to increase the value of your photo booth prints? Adding a photo strip frame or sleeve makes any booth print more of a collectible keepsake than a throwaway novelty. We stock the various options listed below and can special order others upon request.

If you have questions about magnetic frames, acrylic frames, or bookmark sleeves that are not answered below, call us today at (313) 486-5277 or fill out the form on this page and we will be in touch ASAP.

Magnetic Frames

Magnetic frames have a clear vinyl front that proudly displays your photo strip. On the back is a full magnetic back to allow you and your guests pictures to adhere to any magnetic surface.  They are flexible, allowing for easy insertion and removal of photo strips. These frames are perfect to protect and display pictures from your Metro-Detroit event!

Acrylic Frames

Frames for photobooth strips are typically free standing, plastic frames in the shape of a “T” or “L”. With their see-through acrylic material and smooth edges, they present any photo booth strip in an elegant way. Options are available for both 2×6″ strips and 4×6″ photos. We carry 4×6″ frames for both horizontal and vertically oriented shots.

Acrylic frames make photo booth prints into a great party favor that guests can display at home or the office and have their memory from your event displayed for all to see!

Bookmark Sleeves

Bookmark sleeves are clear and flexible vinyl that can hold multiple photo strips back to back. They come with a barely noticeable slit at the top of the bookmark, allowing guests to easily slide their pictures into the frame. The ¼ inch hole at the top of the bookmark allows you or your guests to customize the sleeve by adding colorful ribbon or string.

Holiday Tip: Add a hook into the hole on your bookmark sleeves and hang them as tree ornaments!

How Many Should I Order?

Since every event is unique, we can’t give you a perfect recommendation. However, with any strip or frame you choose, reserving one for each guest you expect and having a few extra on hand is usually best. At sit down events, another great option is to leave a frame at guest’s place setting with a printed insert encouraging them to fill it with their photo booth images.