Photo Booth Styles

Green screen photo booth shot
Green screen photo booth fun!

We offer three different styles of photo booth for rent, an open air, curtain style and a sit-down style booth.

Each style is discussed in detail below. Which style is best for you will depend on the layout of your event, the feel you’re going for and the personality of your guests.

Like many people, you might not have known there are different styles of photobooths.  Each style has different advantages that suit some types of events, or your personal style better than others.

In addition to the photo booth styles, we also have several available photo booth services to accompany the booth like green screen, HD video recording, multiple image sizes and a Hollywood red carpet.

Each photo booth is best with a space of about 10×10 feet to accommodate both the booth and guests. The open-air style booth has a much smaller footprint than the curtain style or sit down booths. Each style requires a single 15 or 20 amp electrical outlet within 25 feet.

If you’ve read the information below and you still have questions, or if you’ve picked a style and you’re ready to rent a booth, fill out the availability form on this page or call us at  (313) 486-5277. We’d be happy to help you select the right photo booth style and get it reserved for your event.

Styles Available

Our 3 styles of photo booth offer unique features that allow you to match the experience to your event.

Open Air Photo Booth

Open Air style photo boothIn what is becoming the hottest trend for photo booths, our ‘open-air’ photo booth gives your event a unique feel. Guests stand in front of the backdrop, with the camera and touchscreen stand positioned about 6 feet in front of them.

The open air booth is best when you want the excitement from the photo booth to spill over into your event. If you know your guests will be outgoing and love to have others watch as they pose in the booth, this is the perfect style for you.

Picture a red carpet Hollywood event. Stars stand in front of a curtain or backdrop, often with company and sponsor logos on the backdrop. The press take pictures and screaming fans see all of the pictures as they’re being taken. This is the atmosphere of the open-air style photo booth.

Our open air booths are widely used at corporate events because the backdrop offers additional branding opportunity at both the event and in the photos. Teens also love the ‘red carpet’ feel of the open air set up, making it extremely popular for birthdays, Sweet 16 parties, graduation parties, and more.

Contact us today for picture samples or more information to see if our open air booth is the best fit for your event.

  • Advantages of the Open Air Photo Booth
    • Large groups are easier to fit in the pictures
    • Allows for vertical or horizontal pictures
    • Vertical photos can give more of a “full body’ shot
    • More variety of background colors and patterns
    • Ability to use green screen
    • Entertains the entire event during the photo process
    • Easily wheelchair accessible and great for small childre
    • Available with any of our packages

Curtain Style Photo Booth

Curtain style photo boothThe most well-know digital photo booth style, the curtain style booth is the type many people are used to seeing at weddings.

Our curtain style booth is a rectangular shaped curtain structure that encloses the camera, flash and touch screen monitor inside. Guests walk inside the private enclosure to take their photos.

The curtain style booth is best for your event if the excitement of the photo process would be distracting in the middle of your event. We also recommend a curtain style booth if your guests are reserved, because they will be more likely to loosen up behind the closed curtains.

School events often choose an open air style booth over the curtain style to prevent students from having too much privacy. Other clients like that the curtain booth can be tucked away and doesn’t draw large amounts attention.

If you’re looking for entertainment that is a part of your event, but not the main focus of your event, then the curtain style booth may be best for you. Contact us today for picture samples and to see if a curtain style booth is the best fit for your event.

  • Advantages of the Curtain Style Photo Booth
    • Privacy for guests to be goofy or wild
    • Great shots from the waste up
    • Private setting allows guests to loosen up and get crazy
    • Wheelchair accessible and can also accommodate shorter children
    • Available with any of our packages

Sit Down Photo Booth

Sit down style photo boothThough not as popular for events as the open air and curtain style booths, the sit down style photo booth evokes the most nostalgia, and is the most easily recognizable photo booth because of its popularity inside malls and movie theaters.

In our sit down style photo booth guests sit on a bench in front of the camera and have privacy by closing the curtains on the sides of the booth. Photos can be horizontal or vertical. If set to be horizontal the image captures the head and shoulders of guests, while a vertical shot captures the head, shoulders and torso area.

Our sit down style booth is perfect for events where couples make up the majority of the crowd. It is also a great fit for events with older guests who may not be comfortable standing for a series of photos.

Corporate events love our sit down style photo booth because it’s sturdy structure allows it to operate without an attendant. Guests simply touch the screen to start the photo process and the images pop out within 30 seconds on the side of the booth.  The photos are also easily branded by attaching a graphic print (included in the sit down booth rental) to the inside wall of the structure.

Contact us today for picture samples and set up photos of our sit down booth.

Advantages of the Sit Down Style booth

  • Privacy for guests using side curtains
  • Instantly recognizable so it draws guests attention
  • Perfect for couples or individuals
  • Close up pictures show intricate detail
  • Best style for video recording (see Video Booth below)
  • Comfortable built-in seating
  • Available as an upgrade to any package

Photo Booth Services

Each photo booth style can be accessorized with the following services.

2 by 6 inch photo strip and 4 by 6 inch photo booth photo2×6 Inch Strips

Traditional 2×6″ strips with 2, 3 or 4 photos and printed or digitally delivered via our social media sharing station.

4×6 Inch Photos

Full sized photos that make great portraits, provide more room for custom branded overlays, and let you enjoy the full quality of the photos.  4×6″ photos can have one large photo, or 2-4 smaller shots.

Green Screen

Swap in and rotate any set of background images you like to make your photo booth experience completely unique.

Red Carpet Photo Booth

Adds a red carpet and stanchions with ropes to our open air style photo booth for the full Hollywood Celebrity experience.

Video Booth

Guests use the photo booth to record up to 30 second HD videos with sound.

Instagram Kiosk

Guests create Instagram photos with their phones, tag them with your unique hashtag and receive prints at the event branded with your personalized logo.