Instant Photo Prints

You want your photo booth rental to be perfect for both you and your guests.  Why should you have to wait minutes for the images to print?

About our Instant Prints

Images emerge from our printer super fast, and are rated to last 40 years, even when posted on your fridge in direct sunlight.

Forget that shaking you used to do, the instant digital prints emerge completely dry and smudge proof.

You deserve the best, which is why we only use professional Dye Sublimation printers that get you your prints in 30 seconds or less and your extra prints in under 10 seconds.

Our printers are the same ones used by professional 1-hour photo developing labs and photo instant print kiosks for their speed, image quality and durability. Each print is protected by a clear film layer that prevents smudges and resists fingerprints.

Why does printer quality matter?

Consider the effect that instant prints from a Dye-Sub printer have on your guests compared to an Inkjet printer.

EXAMPLE: Six of your guests take an amazing photo.  They each want their own copy to take home.

  • Our Dye-Sub printers would have the first two strips out within 30 seconds, another set of two prints out within 15 seconds, and a third set of two prints within 15 more seconds. All six of your guests can go back to enjoying the party or hop back into the photobooth within 60 seconds!
  • An inkjet printer can only print one strip at a time. Even if the speed was ultra fast, it would take more than 3 minutes to print an image for each of your six guests. When there is a line at the booth this slows progress down drastically. This is the reason most companies that use Ink Jet printers don’t offer the ability to request a print for each guest.  If they do offer that feature, it will say something to the effect of ‘extra prints as time allows’.

If you want high quality instant prints for your photo booth rental, then give us a call at (313) 486-5277, or fill out the form on this page to get more information.