Photo Booths for Weddings

We’ve been working successfully with Michigan couples since 2009. Let’s work together to customize a unique photo booth experience for your wedding reception. Any photo booth package you choose comes with our 5-Point 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied let us know and we’ll make it right, or give your money back.

Why should I have a photo booth at my wedding?

Michigan Wedding couple in open air photo boothAlthough we’re of the mind that no wedding is complete without a photo booth, we’ve spoken with many brides who were initially on the fence because “everybody has a photo booth these days”, and they want their events to be unique.

Regardless of whether you’re sold on a photo booth already, or are just doing your research, you’ve come to the right place. We’re excited to help you select the perfect photo booth for your event that will express your wedding’s individuality and entertain your guests both during and long after your reception.

How is your photo booth rental service unique?

All photo booths are not created equal. We don’t want you to make the same mistake thousands have made before. A photo booth is only as good as internal components. The elements included in the photo booth determine the photo quality, speed and reliability of the booth.

We design and fabricate our photo booths right here in Michigan, and we have the capability to customize not only the booth features, but also the experience to make your photo booth as unique as your wedding.

All photobooths seem about the same. What’s really important?

Over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of brides and grooms to create unique experiences for their weddings. You will spend many hours going over the food details, the location, flowers, decorations, the timeline, and countless other items. Renting a photo booth isn’t an insignificant expense, but it often seems like the details behind it are an afterthought.

When comparing most photo booth rental websites all of the options can look about the same. When one company is successful, the rest of the industry tends to copy their lead. However, it’s all of the things you don’t see until you book that are most important. The most important factors are things like the customer service throughout the process, the quality and speed of the components used and the business ethics of the company.

We’ve heard stories of couples who didn’t understand exactly what they were getting and were surprised by all the extra costs that sprung up in their final contract.  Surprises and gimmicks should NEVER be present with any vendor you use for your wedding.

We are happy to say, we were the first to offer all-inclusive, no hidden fee photo booth packages, and with us your satisfaction is guaranteed. We would love to help you find a booth rental for your big day in Metro-Detroit, give us a call at (313)486-5277 or fill out the form on this page and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can check the availability of your date.

Frequently Asked Wedding Photo Booth Questions

Is your photo booth Unlimited?

Sort of. To be completely clear, our booths are as unlimited as you will ever receive from any photo booth rental company, but in complete honesty no booth is ever truly “unlimited”.  Your use will always be limited by the speed of the photo booth itself.

We have the fastest photo booth printers available, hyperspeed threaded intel processors and use professional equipment that means you’ll get more use than with cheaper slow equipment.

Also, we do promise that your guests will be able to go in and out of the photo booth as many times as they like during your rental period, and will never be turned away. That is what is generally meant by an unlimited photo booth, but now you know the secret behind the word “unlimited”.

Do I get all of the package information in contract form?

If a company does not offer you a contract with the exact details you discussed, do NOT do business with them.  This is a big red flag.

Photo booth rental companies that ask for an immediate deposit before signing a contract to “lock in a special rate” are likely trying to scam you.

You should feel completely comfortable with the photobooth business you choose to have at your wedding. Have you read their reviews? Do they have an office or showroom you can visit?

What type of equipment do you use?

There are many people out there who claim to have a photo booth “company”.  Just because someone has photo booth equipment does not mean you should trust them with your wedding unless you’re fully aware of the risk. Would trust anyone with a nice camera to be your photographer?

Do you have backup equipment?
Wedding open air booth vertical 4x6We have backup equipment on hand to replace all key components.

We started out with one booth and no backups, but learned the hard way that when that one booth has issues your customers suffer the consequences.

What happens if their equipment gets ruined between now and your big day?  These are all questions you should feel comfortable asking and companies should feel comfortable telling you.

What venues can you accommodate?

Many photo booth companies only have one type of booth that may have travel and set-up restrictions.

No elevator access? Outside? On a boat? All of these can cause problems for some photo booth companies, but not us. We do ask that you alert us to any challenges that you know of before the event, but our goal is always to minimize any stress you have to deal with when difficult situations arise.

Why should I hire you?

We promise to provide a top-class experience with our photo booth for you and your guests.  We can HONESTLY answer all of the above questions.  Our all-inclusive photobooth rentals for Downtown Detroit and Metro-Detroit area weddings will put your mind at ease.  We have thousands of hours of experience with our photo booths. We built ours from scratch! On top of the included features mentioned below, we are licensed, insured, and offer a 5-Part money-back satisfaction guarantee!

What’s included with the wedding photo booth?

  1. Unlimited Use. With our clear instructions, high quality DLSR cameras, and fast printing Dye Sublimation printers, you and your wedding guests can use the booth as many times as you like. Our booths are easy as cutting the cake (but with less mess)!
  2. Custom Wedding Logo. Everyone will remember the wedding event of the year with a custom created logo printed on the bottom of each photo strip. Include your names, wedding date, wedding colors, fun image, or any other design feature you’d like.
  3. Digital Copy of all Prints. Immediately after your wedding reception, you will receive a flash drive with all photos from the evening. You can post the exciting memories to any social media site and show everyone what a blast the gathering was!
  4. Wedding Props. We provide a variety of props perfect for any wedding. Completely customizable to your feel and theme, props include hats, glasses, fun signs, and props on a stick.
  5. A Helpful and Outgoing Attendant. Your event attendant will be on hand to print strips for each guest, help guests with any photo booth questions, and provide any needed technical support for the wedding photo booth. Should you choose to reserve a photobooth package with a memory scrapbook (aka memory book or photo book or guest book), the attendant will create a beautiful album with each photo strip and a message written by your guests.
  6. Multiple Color Options. When your wedding guests walk into the booth, they will have the option to make their photo strip print in color, sepia or black & white.
  7. Our 5-Point Money Back Guarantee. As I mentioned before, if you’re not completely satisfied with your photo booth rental experience, call us and we will make it right or return your money.

Before you make any big decision for your Detroit Wedding, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting.  Call us right now at (313) 486-5277 or complete the on this page and we will get back to you immediately to help answer any of your questions about renting a photo booth for your Detroit wedding.