Photo Strip Layouts

Detroit-Design-Awards-at-the-Fillmore-DetroitOur photo booths can produce digital images of any size, but for printed images, the two sizes available are 2×6 inches or 4×6 inches.

Within these two sizes there are infinite options of how the photos and logos can be configured. We look forward to personalizing your layout for your event.

Each layout includes a mixture of photos and logos, or a graphic overlay.  The difference between a logo and an overlay is that an overlay covers an entire image, while a logo is restricted to a specific area.

An overlay can also have parts that are transparent, allowing us to create designs similar to a magazine cover.

In addition to images, logos, and overlays, other layout options include photo borders and background images.

Other ways to customize your photo strip layout include using a background image or photo borders. If you’d like even more flexibility with your layout consider our green screen photo booth or adding a printed backdrop.

We’ve included a sample of the most popular layout options below. Give us a call and at (313) 486-5277. Feel free to mention the layout of your choice by name.

Layout Options

  1. 2×6″ strip with logo (and 4 photos)
  2. 2×6″ strip with vertical photos
  3. 2×6″ strip with 3 photos
  4. 2×6″ strip with 2 logos (and 3 photos)
  5. 4×6″ vertical with overlay
  6. 4×6″ vertical with logo
  7. 4×6″ vertical with 4 photos
  8. 4×6″ vertical strip
  9. 4×6″ horizontal with overlay

1 2x6 vertical strips2 4x6 vertical 1

3 4x6 vertical
4 horizontal