Live View

Photo booth live view screenAll of our photo booths are equipped with a touchscreen and the live view feature.  Guests touch the screen and select a color option, and choose whether to email their photos, then the live view begins.

Guests see video of themselves and are able to prepare for the shot. Simultaneously a countdown 4-3-2-1 begins at the bottom of the screen, letting everyone know to be prepared when each photo is snapped.

After each photo is taken it’s shown on the touchscreen and then the live view and countdown process starts again until all photos are taken for that session.

When used properly, you don’t have to worry about cut off heads or off center poses. But then again, half of the fun of a photo booth is being wild and crazy, not using it properly, photo bombing, and throwing caution to the wind.

So, know that your guests will have the option to use the live view to position themselves and capture the perfect shot, but often they won’t and that’s even more fun!

Call us at (313) 486-5277 so we can get one of our unlimited photo booth rentals with live view reserved for your upcoming event, or check availability using the form right on this page.