Direct to Facebook

Facebook LogoOur ‘Direct to Facebook’ option allows you to upload photos from your photo booth session immediately to a photo gallery on your Facebook page.

This is a separate feature from our social sharing gallery Facebook upload. Here all photos are uploaded to one Facebook page that you specific, while the social sharing feature allows guests to individually login to their own Facebook pages to upload to their streams.

Create Social Buzz & Social Proof

This feature is regularly used by our corporate and non-profit clients to immediately increase traffic to their Facebook pages.

Nightclubs and other business that want to increase attendance at events can create social proof in real time as people like, share and comment on photos hosted on your Facebook page.

It’s one thing for your brand to post, “Everyone at the event is having a great time”, but it’s much more convincing when people see photos in their stream of their friends connecting with your brand.

If preferred, we can enable the booth to ask guests after each photo whether they’d like the photo to be uploaded to Facebook. Guests simply touch the screen to choose yes or no. Even if a guest chooses not to upload the photo, you’ll still receive it at the end of your event on a flash drive, and the printed copy will still be available within 30 seconds.

Secure Facebook Log-in

At the beginning of the event, we’ll have you authorize upload access through our booth, and from there the photos will be uploaded directly to your Facebook page.  Pick a name for the gallery and it will be auto-created when the first photo is uploaded.

Your log-in info is provided directly to Facebook to grant upload access, but your information isn’t stored within our booth, so you won’t have to worry about unauthorized access to your page or account.

Even if you don’t add this feature we’ll provide your photo booth images to you digitally on a usb thumb drive following your event, but Direct to Facebook allows you to create buzz in real time.

No Wi-Fi?  No worries. When you add this option, your booth will come equipped with a 4G LTE wireless hotspot (that will work as long as cell phone reception is available) to make sure your photos go live immediately!

If you have additional questions give us a call at (313) 486-5277, or fill out the form on this page and we’ll get in touch with you soon.