Animated GIFs

Holiday party animated gifPhoto Booth Animated GIFs (pronounced like the Peanut Butter brand – with a “J”) are one of the hottest new trends.

Our photo booth compiles the pictures from each photo booth strip and puts them into a mini slideshow that continuously loops.

After snapping a series of shots, guests receive a funny and exciting GIF of their session.

How it Works

Guests enter the photo booth to take a series of pictures (usually three or four).  If Direct to Email is enabled, guests enter their email on the screen when prompted. A copy of their photo strip AND the animated GIF of their photo session will be emailed to them, or qued for future sending if internet access isn’t available.

If the GIF feature is added to a package including our Social Sharing Station, guests can text, email, or post each GIF to Facebook and Twitter. Both the animations and the regular photo booth images show up individually in the social sharing gallery.

All of the images from your event, including the strips and animated GIFs will be given to you on a flash drive following your event.

Tell a Story

Creative guests can make a little story in their sequence of pictures that, when seen in the GIF, will provide laughs for all!

Personalize It

The GIF image can be customized by adding a logo or overlay graphic so everyone will know exactly where the fun originated.

Give us a call at  (313) 486-5277 or fill out the form on this page if you have questions about creating the perfect animated photo booth GIFs for your event.