Online Gallery

Image of photo booth strips in an online galleryWith every photo booth rental you have the option to request an online photo booth gallery.  The gallery can be made public so that anyone who has the link can access it, or we can password protect it.

A gallery is available no matter what style photo booth you choose or what size image you go with 2×6″ strips or 4×6″ prints.

We used to automatically create an online photo gallery for each event to distribute the digital photos to our clients, but we’ve since somewhat replaced this option with our USB flash drives.  With the flash drive you receive your images at the end of your event, and don’t have to wait for the gallery to be created.

However, if a gallery is important, we’d love to create one for you. Our goal is always to do whatever makes the experience most fulfilling for you and your guests.

Fill out the availability form on this page, or call us at (313) 486-5277 and we can reserve a photo booth for you with an online gallery.