Social Media Sharing Station

Allow your guests to share their photo booth photos instantly using our photo booth social media sharing station. Your guests friends, family and co-workers will immediately see how much fun they’re having at your event.

Our social media sharing gallery is a portable and wireless (except while charging) touchscreen kiosk, that allows guests to customize and share images in real time.

As photos are shared, liked and commented on your event branding is front and center, and will continue to create impressions whenever someone looks at your guest’s social profiles.

Social Media Sharing Options

When you add the social media sharing station to your photo booth rental, your guests will have the capability to:

  • Upload to their Facebook stream
  • Share in their Twitter stream
  • Send to one or more Email addresses
  • Send via SMS Text Message
  • Post to Pinterest
  • Add Filters

Great for On-Site Data Capture

Although private log-in details are not stored by the kiosk, we do have the capability to store and provide you with the email addresses, phone numbers, public Facebook data (including name, email, phone and other details shared publicly by the user with their friends), Pinterest account name and Twitter username.

Social sharing station Facebook screenMaximize the Social Buzz

The social sharing options can be custom tailored to accommodate the goals of your event. If having guests share to Facebook is most important, we can deactivate the other sharing features and guests will only see Facebook sharing option.


Upon request, the social posting, email  and text messages sent by users can be set to highlight details of your event, including themed messaging, URLs and #hashtags.

Secure Sharing

As photos are taken, they are wirelessly transmitted and show up on the kiosk screen within seconds.  Once the photos are on the kiosk, guests touch the screen to choose a sharing destination, log-in, and send the image to their profiles or accounts.

Finally, each guest is immediately logged out and the kiosk is ready for the next sharing session. Log-in

Keep The Flow

We have the capability to incorporate the social sharing functionality right into the photo booth itself, but we prefer to separate the sharing kiosk. This keeps a bottleneck from forming at the booth where other guests wait as the person at the booth is trying to remember their Facebook password.

Social-Sharing-Gallery-ImageWith both functions separate, people can continue taking and printing photos at the booth, and guests can come back to the sharing kiosk to share previous photos with much less waiting in line.

For huge crowds such as festivals or concerts, our clients often choose to enable only the email and text message options to keep the sharing station moving as speedily as possible.

If sharing station traffic is still a concern, we can enable multiple sharing kiosks that will all sync with your photo booth to keep things flowing quickly.

Other Social Sharing Options

Our social sharing kiosk provides the ultimate social media sharing experience, but we also offer Direct to Email and Direct to Facebook features that will also allow your guests to digitally access their images.